Legislative Day 2019 - Hosted by NYS LEAH

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

OUR PURPOSE is to have a voice in the legislative process of NYS by sharing with our elected officials the goals, heart, and passion of Christian home educators..

One of the ways that we can fulfill this purpose is to have a Legislative Day that gives Home Educators from across New York State an opportunity to share their own experiences and convictions with their elected officials, at the Capitol, (Albany, NY).

April 9th will focus on workshops for youth lead by Generation Joshua, keynote speaker, two organized capital tour groups, and an opportunity for homeschool families to visit with their elected officials.  A member from the NYS LEAH Board will accompany each family and help facilitate a short 15 minute meeting where you will be able to present opinion papers, ask question and give answers and responses to your elected representative.

  We are very please to have a team coming from Generation Joshua this year to help with our youth events and our legislative day.

April 8th there is a pre-legislative meeting at the Holiday Inn Express Downtown Albany for youth and training teams for the 9th.  YOU DO NOT NEED TO GO ON THE 8TH IN ORDER TO VISIT YOUR REPRESENTATIVES OR ENJOY LEGISLATIVE DAY ON THE 9TH.  This is an extra event for those who might want to help pass out position papers.  The Generation Joshua team will also be doing an activity with the legislative process.  

Additionally, we will be focusing on the following bills:

  • Assemblywoman Carrie Woerner is taking the lead on the "Equal Access Bill"

 An ACT to amend the education law, in relation to admission into institutions of higher education for pupils receiving home instruction [prohibits the commissioner from requiring pupils, who have completed the requirements of a homeschool education or non-public school program, to obtain or submit proof of having obtained a general education development certificate (GED) or an accredited diploma.

This bill would prohibit colleges from making graduate home-educated students from jumping through any more hoops, other than the diploma from home, as part of their Home Instruction Plan:

  • Assemblyman Magnarelli continues to sponsor the "Home Instruction Bill"

An ACT to amend the education law, in relation to home instruction.

This bill would establish the rights of parents to give home instruction and help finalize the end of the year testing as the parent's responsibility.  It takes the regulations and puts them into legislative law.  Continue work with the REGENTS is a must when it comes to regulations and codifying them into law.

  • Assemblyman Al Stirpe continues to campion the "Fair Play" sports bill.

An ACT to amend the education law, in relation to prohibiting school districts from allowing home-schooled students from participating in district interscholastic sports.

This bill would allow home educated students to participate in sports, in their local school district.  It does not require parents to have their students participate, but leaves the choice up to the parents. It ultimately leaves the final decision up to the local school superintendent.

By keeping this a free event at the Capital for LEAH Members, we are hoping that you see this as an incredible opportunity to visit the area, have an impact during this historic time in home instruction by visiting with your legislator, and in the meantime, we have prepared an incredible guest list for you, too.


If you are planning on arriving before or staying over on the 7th or 8th you might want to take advantage of hotel savings at the Holiday Inn Express.  They are saving 40 rooms for LEAH at a rate of $113 for the night. Rate locked until MARCH 18, 2019 .

IF YOU ARE STAYING AT THE HOTEL, YOU CAN LEAVE YOUR VEHICLE AND A SHUTTLE WILL BE SCHEDULED TO BRING YOU TO THE CAPITAL AND BACK.  There are a lot of us, so we ask that you pay attention to our group scheduled departures


 The Group Code (LEA) should be automatically filled in for you.


Holiday Inn Express & Suites 300 Broad Street, Albany, NY 12207 (518) 434-4111 You may call for reservations if you prefer.  1-866-910-6230

The Hotel offers complimentary shuttle service, a complimentary hot breakfast, and free parking  (an average savings of $35.00 per family or more).

It is customary if using the shuttle to give the driver a tip of at least $1 per person.

TOUR the Capital. 


Tours of the capital has been set up for you in groups of 45.  You will need to arrive 10 – 15 minutes ahead of time.  Please take into consideration the need to get through security and then to make your way to the Capital.  For helpful information http://ogs.ny.gov/plaza/  Pre-visit Tool Kit available   NYS Capitol Resource Kit for Teachers [ helpful but a large pdf document, think twice before downloading if you have slow internet service.]

TOUR the New York State Museum. April 9, 2019 -  11AM & 12 NOON   FREE!  [Closed on Monday] 45 spots per tour time. Sign up at registration table.

Accessed via the Plaza Mall.  This is an on your own activity that you might enjoy.   http://www.nysm.nysed.gov/


You might also enjoy a self-guided tour.  The following link has helpful information to make this a special time for your family:



PARKING on April 9th.  


The “V” lot parking for visitors is best accessed from I-787.  The cost is $ 10 - 20 per day.  (If you are staying at the hotel you might be potentially saving $20+ by using the hotel parking at no cost and has free shuttle to the Capital)


Modest business professional (going to church).
Thanking you in advance for your help in this area.


Please remember that you will have to go through security.  Allow time for this.  Remember to treat this like riding a plane … no knives or similar objects … All bags must be scanned.  All metal (cell phones, pens, wallets, and computers) must be scanned and you must walk through a metal detector.  If your children have not been through this before … let them know that it is like an open door and you just walk through.  Best practice is to send one adult through first and then have children walk through one at a time.

This is a family event. 

Your children are welcome to attend.  Please know you are responsible for them.  You are encouraged to visit your legislators as a drop in and introduce yourself.  The material will be prepared for you to share in advance (talking points).  We would be glad to make arrangements for a member of the NYS LEAH Board to go with you and will set up the appointment for you if you let us know in advance.  Also, the NYS Museum is a great option for Tuesday and is free.  The Capital is open to the public to tour the flag room and the Hall of Governors. 

You don't need to attend every event throughout the day.  Drop in as you can.  We ask that you show up early to any meetings with legislators and that you not wander in and out of these meetings.

You may use participation in Legislative Day, as part of your high school social studies/government program.

Registration is FREE for LEAH members. 


  Keep reading ... registration is below ...

Non-LEAH members, there is a suggested $15 fee (per family), to help cover the cost of printed materials and planning.

Early registration will ensure that a packet of material is prepared for you and that an appointment with your Assemblyperson or Senator is possible.

IF YOU DO NOT REGISTER, YOU MAY SHOW UP THE DAY OF ... JUST NO ARRANGEMENTS WILL BE MADE FOR YOU AHEAD OF TIME ... a courtesy email would be greatly appreciated so that we can at least think about the number of people.


Tentative Schedule:

Abbreviations: LOB (Legislative Office Building)  CAP (Capital)
Example:  LOB 803 is Legislative Office Building room 803 (eighth floor)


Downtown Albany Holiday Inn Express Conference Room

6:00 PM to 10:00 PM  Generation Joshua Youth Event

           How the legislative process work in an active workshop

            How to present to legislators

             Why position papers and what would you like to present to legislators


TUESDAY:  April  9th, 2019

8:30 AM Meet in the Legislative Office Building LOB “The Well” on the first floor for registration (It will be well marked for you to find.)  A light continental breakfast will be provided during registration.  This is your opportunity to plan your day from legislative visits to capital tours.  Sign up lists will be at the registration table

9:00 AM  "The Well"

• 9:00 – 9:15 Opening Greeting and introduction to the LOB
• 9:15 – 9:30 Opening Prayer and Devotional  
• 9:30-9:45 Greetings from Senator Robach
• 9:45-10:00 Review of final schedule

10:00 AM Guest Speaker

11:00 AM Teen Teams and Family Teams present Position Papers, Legislative visits, NYS Museum self-guided, Capital Tour

12:00 noon Lunch (on your own), 2nd Capital Tour
• The Plaza has several options in the Concourse (Mall).  McDonald's, Subway, The Prime Restaurant, or bring your own.  There is a Dunkin Donuts in the Capitol, too.

2:00 PM Announced in the Assembly, please check at the registration table for updated times

During your visit, if you need to get a hold of us please contact by calling or text: 

Carolyn Bailey (518) 932-9460

Please feel free to keep our numbers so that you can stay in touch.  Please do not share our phone numbers in general circulation. 

Please take a moment to mark down your legislative officials, by going to the following link and typing in your address.  Thank you for doing this, as it will help us to plan your visit to the Capitol!  http://www.elections.ny.gov/district-map/district-map.html

You might also want to visit




It is very, very helpful to have you look up and write down who your Assemblyperson and Senators are and the district you are from.  This makes the process of scheduling appointments so much easier.  ( ie we do not have to look it up for you ... be nice to the volunteers :-)

Okay ... now you're ready to register ... you will receive a confirmation email and then a follow-up email with Legislation Day information.

Youth event: 4/08/2019  This pre-event is meant to give the youth a chance to meet with each other, worship together, play some games ( so bring board games ) and to learn about the important legislation that impacts their lives.

Bring your notebooks, guitars or other musical instruments that you might want to share ... sorry ... no drums .... you will be in on open public area so we much take into consideration the other guest.

Bring your bible and a desire to see the Lord at work in your life and others!

Registration ends March 18th for those attending the event. We will keep the registration active up to April 9th. 

However we may not be able to schedule appointments or have packets ready for you.

Registering as early as possible is greatly appreciated!

Registration Information





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Please fill out the information below, to the best of your ability.

If you would like to make a donation to help support NYS LEAH's legislative efforts, you can do so here. A recommended $15 is suggested for those that are not LEAH members.  Thank you.



Billing Information

Terms and Conditions

Please note that there will be no childcare for children at this event. All children must remain under parental supervision at all times.
Registration is non-refundable.
No registration materials will be mailed to you by USPS. You will receive an email confirmation, and will pick up all material when you attend the event.